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RPAC is a voluntary political action committee whose membership consists of REALTORS® interested in actively and effectively protecting the real estate industry and the dream of home-ownership by participating in government affairs at the local, state and federal levels.

What does RPAC do?

RPAC is the muscle of REALTORS® in Washington, D.C. RPAC represents over 1,100,000 politically active REALTORS® that Members of Congress want as their friends. Because of the combined strength of our members who contribute, through RPAC NAR has achieved many legislative and regulatory successes including: • The continued preservation of the mortgage interest deduction. • $8,000 First-Time Homebuyer Tax Credit to stimulate the real estate market. • Improving federal mortgage programs, allowing more families to join the ranks of home-ownership. Learn more here.

Why should I contribute?

When REALTORS® join together, they have a very powerful voice that is heard loud and clear. The REALTORS® Political Action Committee exists solely to further issues important to REALTORS®. It’s the only political action committee in the country that is organized by REALTORS® to promote and protect the dream of home-ownership in America. RPAC works every day on behalf of REALTORS® so that you can practice real estate with the assurance that someone is fighting for you and the real estate industry.

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